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Satisfaction Guaranteed

To ensure you are happy with the offering price, you must see and accept it before payment is made. If you decide not to sell your gold and platinum, we will return it free of charge.

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Jared Gold Exchange

Five Simple Steps

  1. Register to create an account online and request your Jared Gold Exchange Packet.
  2. Gather the gold and platinum items you are exchanging.
  3. Ship your items to us via UPS FREE! Insured up to $500!
  4. Watch as your items are unpacked, weighed and assessed.
  5. Receive your check!

With Jared Gold Exchange you can expect:

  • The most competitive offer for your items. We pay the most competitive prices for your gold or platinum - whether you send us just one item or several items!
  • Peace of mind. We record your items being unpacked and processed and we post the video to your online account for viewing on JaredGoldExchange.com
  • Satisfaction guaranteed. Receive fast payment at the best rate available! If you are not happy with our offer, your items will be returned to you FREE!

A company you know and trust

You already know us. At Jared, we turn feelings into jewelry. But we also offer to buy your used, unwanted gold and platinum jewelry. Learn more about the Jared Gold Exchange.